Deputy didn’t completely search area for Pontiac family before they froze to death, officials say

PONTIAC, Mich. – Oakland County officials have given details of the deputy who neglected to do a complete search of the Pontiac mother and her children before they froze to death.

Monica Cannady, 35, and her young sons were found dead in the cold earlier this month and there are questions about why help from law enforcement didn’t get to them in time.

Oakland County officials say that the deputy who conducted an incomplete search of the Pontiac mother and her two children has resigned.

Cannady and her two sons, 9-year-old Kyle Milton and 3-year-old Malik Milton, were found dead at approximately 3:10 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 15, in a vacant field off of Branch Street in Pontiac.

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On several occasions, Cannady was approached by law enforcement to offer assistance to help the family.

Local 4 crime and safety expert Darnell Blackburn said there is a chance the deputy did not search at all. “Just to get out and to check the area, that’s all that it takes,” said Blackburn.

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