Mother searching for son who vanished with 2 other rappers in Detroit

Lorrie Kemp’s son Armani Kelly has been missing for nearly two weeks

The mother of a 27-year-old man is doing everything she can to find her missing son.

DETROIT – A desperate mother is not letting up in her search for her missing son.

Lorrie Kemp’s son Armani Kelly has been missing for nearly two weeks. He was supposed to perform at a Detroit club on Jan. 21, but the performance was canceled, and he, along with two other men, has yet to be seen or heard from since.

The car that Kelly was driving was found in Warren with an unidentified juvenile was her car. But Kemp could care less about the vehicle.

She cares about her 27-year-old son. She is doing all she can to bring him back.

“Somebody knows somebody that knows something regardless of all the things that’s been uncovered about him,” said Kemp. “He’s still a human being. He is not disposable, and neither of the other young men.

Kemp can’t just sit and wait for her son to come home, so she’s on a mission to bring him home.

“I can stop to get gas, and I’m like, ‘Here, can you take a flyer,’” said Kemp. “I can go get something to eat, ‘Hey, can I give you a flyer?’ I’ve spent at least $300 to $400, and I think I have at least 2,000 flyers out there.”

Her son was with two other rap artists, Dante Wicker and Montoya Givens. As a mother, she battles between holding on to hope and accepting a harsh reality.

“I’m one person, but I’m going to bring him home,” Kemp said. “If the other two boys are with him, then they will all come home. I prefer alive. Honestly, I want it to be, but deep in my gut and in my soul, and in my heart. He’s gone.”

Although the flyers may be just another photo to you, Kemp says it’s her son.

“My family members and friends are like, ‘He’s always playing,’” Kemp said. “‘He plays too much.’ But he’s happy he had a job. He was going to Alpena Community College. He was a member of our society.”

Kemp wants him back.

“I’m tired, but I keep going, and all I can think of is that Tom Petty song, ‘I won’t back down,’” Kemp said. “I’m not gonna back down.”

Kemp believes somebody knows somebody who knows something about where her son is.

At this point, she focuses more on finding him than on the person behind it all.

Detroit police are the lead on this investigation.

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