Family reacts to George’s jumbotron experience at first Red Wings game

4-year-old was stopped for pictures, autographs after game

DETROIT – A 4-year-old boy experienced some sudden stardom at his first Red Wings game on Saturday and his family says it was amazing.

The Detroit Red Wings beat the Vancouver Canucks 5-2 on Saturday and the crowd was going wild for more than just the hockey.

In a video that went viral on social media, a 4-year-old named George can be seen on the Little Caesars Arena jumbotron with the people in the stands going crazy.

The camera cuts between shots of George and shots of Canucks fans -- the people in the arena cheer for George and boo the Canucks fans, each time getting a little louder, and each time with a bigger smile on George’s face.

WATCH: Crowd goes wild for George on jumbotron at his first Red Wings game

George’s mom, Chelsea Miller of St. Clair County, spoke with Local 4 on Saturday and told us all about the experience.

The family brought a sign that read “It’s my first game - George.” Miller said they were hoping to get him on camera, but they never expected this.

“He’s very shy so we brought him a sign that said this is my first game,” she said.

After the game was all said and done, the family left the arena and Miller says fans flocked to George.

“There were probably at least 100 people that asked to stop and take pictures with him and high fives and ‘can I get an autograph?’,” she said.

Miller said George didn’t quite know what to make of his newfound stardom, but he did have a very good time.

“It was an amazing time, and everyone just made it so special for us. He’s going to remember it forever,” Miller said.

The Red Wings even gave George an honorary star after the game in a Twitter post.

Watch the full video of George at the Red Wings game in the video player below:

Video courtesy of the Detroit Red Wings

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