‘The writing is on the wall’: Shawn Fain ‘nears victory’ in UAW presidential vote

Fewer than 600 challenged ballots left to be counted

More ballots were counted Thursday in the run-off election for UAW president after counting had previously been halted over voter eligibility questions.

As of Thursday night (March 16), UAW Members United candidate Shawn Fain is still leading 50.2% to 49.8% -- a margin of 505 votes. The UAW Monitor appointed to supervise the election said there are fewer than 600 challenged ballots left to be counted.

“By now, the writing is on the wall: change is coming to the UAW,” Fain said. “Let’s count every vote and get to work on putting the membership back in the driver’s seat of our union. We’re pressing the Monitor to resolve the remaining challenged ballots as quickly as possible. You, the members, have already made history in this election, and we’re just getting started. It’s a new day in the UAW.”

The remaining unresolved challenged ballots have been stored in signed and sealed boxes, and will be transported back to Dayton, Ohio, and stored at a secure site run by Merriman River Group, the election vendor.

The count took place Thursday at the Westin Book Cadillac hotel in Detroit, having moved from its original location in Dayton. Observers from Members United and UAWD have been present throughout the process to resolve the challenged ballots, and during the vote count.

The delay is attributed to the need to contact many local union financial secretaries, who are being required to sign affidavits attesting to the membership status of each voter, a safeguard advocated for by Members United and UAWD.

If Fain is elected, reformers running in opposition to the Administration Caucus, which has dominated the UAW for over 70 years, will have a majority on the International Executive Board of the UAW. Unofficial results from the run-off indicate that Members United candidate Daniel Vicente will be the next Region 9 Director.

In addition, five Members United candidates -- Margaret Mock for Secretary-Treasurer, Rich Boyer and Mike Booth for Vice Presidents, LaShawn English for Region 1 Director and Brandon Mancilla for Region 9A Director -- and one independent reformer, Dave Green for Region 2B Director, were elected in the first round of elections in November 2022.

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