‘I’m grateful that I got them all out’: Dearborn Heights teenager saves brothers, pets during house fire

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – A teenager in Dearborn Heights saved his brothers and pets when a fire broke out in their home.

Thankfully everyone was able to get out of this house on Arnold Street near Beech Daly and Joy Road in Dearborn heights and it’s all because of the oldest brother who knew exactly what to do while his parents were gone.

Lisa Westley was taking her husband to work early this morning when her son called her.

“My oldest son called me and said, Mom, the dryer is up in flames. The house is on fire,” said Lisa Westley.

The fire starting from that dryer in the basement sent smoke through the house at a rapid pace. 17-year-old Antonio Jones had to act quickly to make sure his four younger brothers between the ages of 10 and 14 were safe.

“Instantly I’m trying to get everybody out of the house,” said the 17-year-old. “The dogs -- I put everybody in the car and rode down the street. I grabbed the closest neighbor I could and she gave me a fire extinguisher. Yeah. I tried to go back in and I tried to put it out. But I just couldn’t it was too much black smoke.”

The teenager’s parents arrived back home shortly after receiving that call from their son to find their house in flames but their kids safe, wrapped in blankets from the neighbors.

Antonio said memories from what he was taught as a child kicked in during those tense moments when he first smelt the smoke.

“What I know from this is back in elementary school when the firefighters used to come to the school and teach us what to do when there’s a fire,” said Jones.

That and his adrenaline kicked in - saving his family from what could have been something a lot worse than a burnt home.

“I’m grateful that I got them all out. grateful that I got the dogs out and everybody’s safe,” said Jones.

The house isn’t a complete loss. The family was forced to sleep somewhere else until some repairs can be made but again the most important thing is that everybody is safe.

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