A card for all the other days

By Todd Horner, Operations Divisional Vice President at Quicken Loans

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DETROIT - When thinking about Mother's Day it's easy to remember the cards, meals, and cheesy gifts that were made or bought to "honor" my Mom on her special day. It was the one day that that as a kid, I would stop and take the time to say, "Thanks Mom."  

While the card may have said "You're the Best," it never had enough room to say: Thanks for putting up with the countless interruptions, especially when you were on the phone or in the restroom. Thank you for trying to teach me not to argue with my sister and the millions of reminders of "What did I tell you?" Thanks for the countless hours of help with homework, even in math when we were both re-learning it. Thanks for making all the meals and doing all the laundry, in spite of complaints that either the food or the laundry smelled funny. Thank you for being a chauffeur when it was too far for a bike to travel. Thanks for the understanding when cars got banged up while I was trying to perfect my driving technique. Thanks for all the advice on schools, jobs, friends and relationships. Thanks for the sleepless nights when you worried about broken bones, stitched up cuts, hacking coughs or chicken pox. Thanks for teaching, caring and juggling the needs of everybody else over your own. Thank you for all the times when you believed in me more than I believed in myself. 

Here is a card to honor the 364 days a year that I didn't say how much I truly appreciate the love that you showed and the sacrifices that you made. A single day doesn't begin to compensate for all that a mom gives, but it is a great opportunity to stop and reflect.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

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