Bill Ford Jr. talks Thanksgiving, Lions, Detroit

DEARBORN - Local 4's Carmen Harlan sat down with Bill Ford Jr. to talk about his life growing up in Detroit, his team the Detroit Lions and Thanksgiving Day with his family.

Ford and his wife, Lisa Ford, will be Grand Marshalls at this year's Thanksgiving Day parade in Detroit.

Bill: We're both really, really happy to do it. We both spend a lot of time in the city and I'll enjoy every minute of it. It'll be a blast. As I say, to me it will be the perfect day. I'll be in a parade in the morning, watching the Lions beat the Packers in the afternoon and having a great dinner with my family in the evening. I hear from people all around the country who don't live here anymore who still watch the parade on TV and still watch the Lions in the afternoon.

Carmen: Right after the parade the Fords will be heading to Ford Field, but Ford has an even better idea when it comes to winning a bigger battle against hunger in Detroit. They're partnering with Gleaners to make sure people have enough to eat this holiday season. Now, it is no secret the local economy is in coming out of a rough period. Ford says he sees we are starting to come back. So, what would he say to those who criticize the bailout?

Bill: I think they're wrong. The auto industry - there is no industry like it. For every 1 job created at Ford, GM or Chrysler there are 9 other jobs that are created elsewhere. There is no other sector in the economy that has that kind of multiplier effect. So, I think it was absolutely the right thing to do and it is great to see the companies thriving and adding jobs.

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