Audio tapes could be revealed in Bob Bashara's Tuesday hearing

Alleged audio evidence of Bob Bashara's plan to have handyman Joe Gentz killed behind bars could be heard Tuesday in court

By Hank Winchester - Reporter


On Tuesday morning, if all goes as planned, the courtroom will for the first time hear potentially explosive evidence in Bob Bashara's murder-for-hire case.

Audio recordings allegedly capturing Bob Bashara brokering a deal to have handyman Joe Gentz killed in jail could be played.

"Playing the tapes is going to kind of put the cards out on the table. You get the opportunity to see what the prosecution has in their hands. That's a significant moment," said Local 4 legal expert Todd Flood.

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Expect also to hear from "Steve," the man who allegedly helped Bob put the murder-for-hire deal together. What Bob didn't know was "Steve" was working with police.

"It's hard to take things out of context when the witness actually gets up on the stand and says, 'Well, this is what was going on, this is what I meant and this is how it was responded to,'" said Flood.

Bashara's attorney, David Griem, also has a contempt hearing. The Defenders first revealed Griem allegedly shared sealed evidence with Bashara's family members. Prosecutors mentioned the report last week in court.

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