Bob Bashara accused of trying to put jailhouse hit on Joe Gentz, man charged for Jane Bashara's murder

Bob Bashara arrested on suspicion of trying to solicit murder of handyman Joe Gentz; Gentz faces charges for Jane Bashara's murder

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - Bob Bashara may still be a person of interest in his wife's murder but right now he is accused of trying to put a jailhouse hit on his former handyman, Joe Gentz.

Gentz is charged with murder and conspiracy in the murder of Jane Bashara. Bashara was arrested, booked and then removed to the Wayne County Jail on Monday. His attorney, David Griem, while visiting his client behind bars at the Grosse Pointe Park Police Department said, "I'm not often left speechless but this is one of those occasions."

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Griem said he thinks it is pretty far-fetched to believe a man already under the microscope for his wife's murder would try something like the murder of a witness.

-- Joe Gentz

Multiple sources are telling Local 4 that's exactly what this case is, and Bob Bashara has been recorded in connection with trying to arrange that hit. Well-known and well-respected attorney Todd Flood believes the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office has solid evidence.

"Kym Worthy isn't going to issue a flimsy charge. She's not that type of prosecutor," Flood said. "She's going to make sure she has more than probable cause, even though that's the standard she has to meet. She'll make sure she has more to issue this charge with the backdrop of the homicide case."

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-- Bob Bashara at the Wayne County Jail on June 25, 2012.

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