Family of murdered Grosse Pointe Park woman, Jane Bashara, seeks closure

Jane Bashara's mother wants charges brought against correct person to get closure for family


Bob Bashara remains in jail while he is charged with solicitation of murder.

He is accused of plotting to have his former handyman Joe Gentz, a suspect in Bashara's wife Jane Bashara's murder, killed while in jail.

Meanwhile, seven months since Jane's murder, there is still no justice for her.

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The Local 4 Defenders have been told more charges, on top of the murder charges against Gentz, likely are coming soon. That's something Jane's mother, Lorraine Englebrecht, hopes can happen sooner than later.

"Absolutely, somebody's got to be held accountable," she said. "You know, it will never be closure for me, but I want to see the person or persons who killed Jane pay for it. Pay for it. Jane didn't deserve that."

In an exclusive interview with the Defenders, Englebrecht said she is glad Bob Bashara is behind bars. However, she was in disbelief when she heard Bob was being accused of killing Gentz.

"Why this man? Why this Gentz? I couldn't even believe it. Why would (Bob) put himself in another position like he did. Only a crazy man would do that," Englebrecht said.

For Englebrecht and the rest of her family, the last several months have been torture. They are hopeful that the criminal case will move forward and charges will be brought against whomever is responsible.

Right now, the focus for Englebrecht is remembering her loving daughter.

"Janey was my pride and joy. She was our ever-being. She was our mentor. And above all that, I have to fight to bury her," she said.

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