Husband's family of Grosse Pointe Park victim speaks out

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. - The family of Jane Bashara has spoken out and now the family of her husband Bob Bashara is doing the same, and insist he's innocent.

Sunday night there were also new developments on the lie detector test that Bashara took on Friday. According to police, there are inconsistencies involving the timeline that Bashara gave in his interviews with police. The inconsistencies stem from the time he told police Jane Bashara made her way to the house and the time he said he arrived at the house.

"Everybody knows my brother and that he is incapable of this act. We are totally supporting him," said Bashara's sister Laura Maurer.

Bob Bashara's family members spoke out about the murder Sunday inside the couple's Grosse Pointe Park home.

"We are devastated, but we don't know anything. Everything we learn, we learn from the media. Nobody's talked to us from the police as far as what's going on," said Bob Bashara's Aunt Gwen Samuel.

Police believe Bob Bashara may have played a role in his wife's death, but at this point investigators are not sharing much information. However, Local 4 Defenders have uncovered new information. The Defenders know the police have talked with both of the Bashara children and are trying to learn more about one cell phone conversation, the conversation Jane Bashara had with her daughter. They were talking on the phone as Jane Bashara drove home Tuesday afternoon and while she entered the house.

Police are also looking into BobBashara's business affairs; he owns several rental properties in the area.

Saturday night JaneBashara's mother and sister spoke out for the first time. Her sister commented on Bob being the focus of the investigation.

"For my niece and nephews sake, I hope to God Bob didn't have anything to do with it. But I'll tell you one thing; I want to know what happened to my sister," said Jane's sister Janet Gottsleben.

According to JaneBashara's sister and mother, who viewed the body, it was very clear there was a struggle between Jane and her attacker.

Meanwhile, family members are busy planning the funeral, which is set for Tuesday.

"We are hurting that two kids have lost their mother and they have such faith in their father and they are in sorrow," said Samuel.

Police have been working on this case non stop and continue to stress that Bob Bashara is the only person of interest.

No arrests have been made.


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