Local 4 Defenders: 'Joe' has been released

Man who says he was involved in Jane Bashara's murder is out of jail

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. - Local 4 Defender cameras rolled Friday as Grosse Pointe Park police released Joe from custody.

Joe got out of an unmarked police car just before 1 p.m. and right into the back of a waiting vehicle. He had no comment.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Joe's release

He had been in police custody since walking into the Police Department Tuesday and admitting he had been involved in Jane Bashara's murder.

Jane Bashara, 56, was found dead Jan. 25 in her SUV that was parked in a Detroit alley. She had been strangled.

The Local 4 Defenders also learned that the Bashara family is requesting protection following Joe's release. A letter, sent to Grosse Pointe Park police by attorney David Griem in part reads:

"In light of the foregoing circumstances, the Bashara family requests police protection/surveillance of their family/home during whatever period of time that Joe is out on the street."  

UNCUT VIDEO: Family member speaks about safety

This week, Joe has been telling police he was there for Jane's murder, but sources have confirmed his story has changed on several occasions.

Sources said Joe was released because there was not enough evidence to verify his story of what happened the night Jane Bashara was killed.

Her husband, Bob Bashara, has been pegged a person of interest by police. But he has not been charged.

-- Before moving to Grosse Pointe, Joe lived in this St. Clair Shores apartment.

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