Charges expected against grandmother accused of shooting her grandson

74-year-old in police custody

West Bloomfield - The 74 year old West Bloomfield grandmother being held in the shooting of her own grandson now has a defense attorney. Local 4 is not using her name because she has not been charged with a crime.

Jerome Sabbota tells Local 4, he met with his client for two hours as well as other members of her family.

"They're devastated. You have a grandson who's been shot or killed by the grandmother. Nobody's happy. Nobody wins," says Sabbota.

Police say 17 year old Jonathan Hoffman got into an argument with his grandmother and Hoffman was shot several times. He called 911 but was DOA at a hospital within an hour.

The grandmother was also checked out at the hospital and released into police custody. Her attorney says she is not talking to police.

"My job is to protect her and I will do that."

When asked if this could turn into a self defense case, "I would never discuss that at this point until I see what the police have, " says Sabbota.

Hoffman was living with his grandparents to finish school. He was a senior at Farmington Center an alternative school.

Could this turn into a self defense case for the grandmother? "I would never discuss that until I see what the police have. The grandson had many issues," says Sabbota.

His parents divorced and both moved to Arizona three years ago. Jon and a younger sister moved with them, but Jon came back.

He lived next door to Jamie Rodgers most of his life. Jamie used to baby sit for Jon.

"He was a fun guy. We played basketball, playstation," says Rodgers.

"My sister called me and said, did you check Facebook? I'm shocked. Really shocked."

West Bloomfield police spent Saturday inside the family home gathering physicial evidence. They could turn the case over to the prosecutor Sunday morning.


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