Chrysler's Dodge Ram cracks Consumer Reports' top 10

Consumer Reports lists Ram 1500 as top pickup truck of 2014

By Guy Gordon - Reporter/Anchor

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. - The vehicle has to be tops in road test scores, reliability and safety to get a top pick designation by Consumer Reports.

They call the Dodge Ram "surprisingly refined and inviting ... most comfortable-riding truck ... and the whisper-quiet cabin makes it feel like a luxury vehicle." It's the first time Chrysler has cracked the magazine's top 10 list since 1998 -- a 16-year drought.

View: Consumer Reports' Top Picks 2014

Given recent success in third party testing, Chrysler says it was pleased but not surprised.

"We were pleased but not surprised," said Chrysler Quality VP Doug Betts. "The Ram has done well in third party testing. I can tell you we've put everything into this truck including the kitchen sink and this confirms what others have said, and we believe, that right now we have the best truck in the segment."

The Consumer Reports rankings have been charged with having a Toyota and Honda bias. However, eight different automakers are represented in this year's top 10 list.

"Last year in January and February we sold 23 Rams," says Bloomfield Township Dodge dealer Bill Golling. "This year we've already sold 92 and this could launch it even further. We are ordering heavy for the spring."

Consumer Reports says domestic cars in general are getting better on the road. Yet, infotainment systems are dragging down scores for some. Ford and Cadillac are cited. They are in the bottom five with Jeep, Dodge and Chevrolet.

Not every Chevy is at the bottom. Chrysler may have company in the top 10 next year as Chevy's Impala has top road test scores for full-sized sedans, but it was too new to be included in this year's rankings.

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