Detroit emergency manager process: what's next

Protests to continue, Robert Davis files lawsuit, and governor works to choose Detroit emergency manager candidate

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - Expect the picketing to continue as the Detroit emergency manager process moves into high gear.

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Detroit City Council will go to state leaders next week to appeal findings that suggest the city requires an emergency manager. The City Council makes this move without the support of Mayor Dave Bing.

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Now, Robert Davis is stirring the pot in the background. Davis has a fondness for filing legal challenges.

"Today I filed a new lawsuit challenging the governor's authority to interview or make a recommendation to the emergency loan board of candidates who he would like to see selected," said Davis.

Davis' legal challenges either get shot down or overturned. His current one will have to play out.

Meanwhile, the city is abuzz over who Gov. Rick Snyder will appoint to try to right Detroit's financial ship. Two prominent names that keep getting mentioned are former Washington D.C. mayor Anthony Williams and former Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker. Yet, both men have adamantly saying they are not and will not take the job.

City courses are betting on someone from the law firm both Baker and Williams are associated with -- McKenna Long and Abridge out of Atlanta.

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