'Detroit Future City' project gets $150 million boost from Kresge Foundation

Kresge Foundation commits $150 million to Detroit revitalization, sustainability project

By Roger Weber - Reporter


In a city of overwhelming challengers the architects of the Detroit Works project see their goals as ambitious but achievable.

Local and international experts have been working on the project for two years.

It was Detroit Mayor Dave Bing who launched Detroit Works two years ago. He says he has witnessed Detroit's decline but he is convinced the city can be world-class again.

"We assembled a broad coalition of people to guide the long-term planning process while my administration focuses on improving Detroit in the short term," Bing said.

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The plan called Detroit Future City envisions a Detroit that is "prosperous, connected, sustainable and socially just." It focuses on turning vacant property into farms and lakes, improving infrastructure, strengthening neighborhoods and creating seven employment districts.

"This is not just a single, static vision for a very distant future," said Toni Griffin, project director. "It's a framework for managing ongoing change that will continue to occur over time within a shared vision."

To make these dreams come true will cost billions of dollars. Thanks to the Kresge Foundation, it's getting a jump start. The foundation has committed $150 million in grants over the next five years.

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