Labor activist says emails show EM Orr's lack of pre-bankruptcy negotiations

Robert Davis claims emails obtained show Orr didn't bargain in good faith with creditors

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - It's no secret there are many groups who are fighting against Detroit's bankruptcy filing.

Among them is a local activist, who says he's obtained emails showing Kevyn Orr didn't bargain in good faith and Detroit's bankruptcy filing was planned out all along.

Labor activist Robert Davis is claiming emails he obtained reveal the bankruptcy deal was allegedly done well before any negotiations with unions or creditors took place.

"You have some lying politician who have constantly put out in front of the public and the media that their doing this for the best interest for the city of Detroit," said Davis.

Davis claims the emails he obtained show that Kevyn Orr and Gov. Snyder were not interested in bargaining in good faith.

"This was a done deal back in January of 2013," he said.

Mayor Bing's spokesperson Bob Warfield says the emails only show that the mayor was involved in discussions say "obviously there were no deals cut. But certainly the mayor wanted to be part of the discussions."

Union leaders say the bottom-line is that what is happening is not only unfair but they believe it's illegal.

"We went to companies and we gave them many ways they could save money and the companies listened to us and worked with us and implemented those changes, very different from what's happening here in the city of Detroit," said UAW president Bob King.

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