800 Detroit City workers, mayor not paid today

Spokesperson says a computer glitch is cause for Detroit's payday delay

DETROIT - Eight hundred Detroit City employees, including Mayor Dave Bing and members of his staff, who have direct deposit did not get paid Friday morning.

Spokesperson Naomi Patton tells Local 4 a computer glitch is the cause.  She says paper checks will be printed and given to employees between 3 and 5:00 p.m. Friday afternoon.

"This affects employees across all departments including the mayor and his staff," says Patton.

Patton says it is not connected to the developments this week in which the consent agreement between the city and the state was challenged in court and caused state officials to threaten to withhold millions in revenue sharing and that Detroit would have a payless payday today.

"I got mine just before 4 o'clock. There was a line at the bank," Patton said.

This does not affect all city employees with direct deposit, only a fraction.

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The city has 10,900 employees and all are being paid except for the 800 affected by the glitch.

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