82-year-old has gun put to head outside Detroit home

Edward Brown says he was paralyzed with fear during robbery outside his Detroit home


Eighty-two-year old Edward Brown was paralyzed with fear when he was robbed on Sunday.

"Well I thought I got scared and couldn't move," he said.

He was attacked and robbed outside his home on the west side of Detroit.

Four armed men jumped him in the evening as he walked from his truck to his front door. 

His face slammed against the cement as they grabbed his wallet and anything of value, all while holding a gun to the back of Brown's head.

Sadly Brown is one of about 10 people who have recently been robbed at gunpoint in front of their Detroit homes. 

Brown has lived in Detroit most of his life.

He says he loves the city. But he's now scared for his safety and worried the thieves will be back for more.

He even flattened the tires on his truck hoping to keep them away.

Brown says he did not recognize his attackers who were armed with both handguns and rifles.

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