AC thieves making blood boil on Detroit's west side

Rash of air conditioning unit stolen near Piedmont Street

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter


It seems criminals are taking advantage of the hot weather and they're targeting people who are just trying to stay cool in the city.

It's a nice neighborhood on Detroit's west side, a place where people look out for each other.

Malik Bey has lived on Piedmont StreetĀ for 38 years; he thinks the rash air-conditioning unit thefts is coming from someone who knows the neighborhood

"Well that's really suspicious, because with three houses it apparently would seem someone would have seen something, so it's kind of making you think that maybe somebody right round here is kind of helping set up this," said Bey. "I mean come on three houses, that takes time."

The crooks took three units on Bey's block alone and several more disappeared from neighboring streets.

The neighborhood watch group is putting out a warning. They say two men in a dark green Explorer have been seen stealing the units. The men knock on the door of the homes first and if no one answers they go to work.

Bey says his neighbor came home last night and found people inside his home.

"The perpetrators evidently didn't know the people were home, they had just gotten back, and as they broke in, the noise from the people who live there they realized that someone was there so they took off and they ran," said Bey.

They thieves could be stealing the units to beat the heat or for the valuable copper found inside. Bey says it's got to stop, because it's far too dangerous and happening far too often.

"It's real critical that everyone try to watch out for each other," said Bey.

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