Alleged victim speaks out at preliminary in case of Wayne County deputies charged with beating inmates

Man speaks about horrifying attack at preliminary hearing

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter


Three deputies sat as defendants, not witnesses, in a Detroit courtroom after reports five Wayne County Sheriff Deputies severely injured several inmates while they were locked up in jail.

Local 4 Defenders broke the story in June. For the first time, victims are speaking out.

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At the preliminary hearing on Friday, one alleged victim spoke about the horrifying attack.

"He kept hitting me," says Mr. Gibson, who says the one of the deputies allegedly hit him with their fists and busting his face. "He kept punching me everywhere."

Gibson cried as he recounted his painful experience.  He tells how he had to be transported to Detroit Receiving Hospital where he was in terrible pain.

"At the time, my eye was black, my jaw was swollen, my knees were all busted open and my back was all bruised up," says Gibson.

Gibson says he had a broken orbital bone and they had to put a plate in his face.

The cross-examination by the defense was tense.  Defense attorneys questioned Gibsons' injuries and were often stopped by objections from the prosecution.

Gibson is not the only reported victim in this case, as defense attorneys were not able to finish the exam on Friday.

Testimony will pick up early next month right where it left off.  The hearing is to determine if there is enough evidence against those deputies to send them to trial.

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