Alligator found during Detroit chop shop bust

Alligator, accompanied by piranha in tank, found living at Detroit chop shop

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter


Neighbors in Detroit's East English Village neighborhood had enough.

Squatters had taken over a home on Yorkshire Street and neighbors went to police during a community meeting Wednesday night to fill them in on the problem.

Within 24 hours Detroit police moved in on the house and, while hauling out stolen car after stolen car, they found something moving among the mess. It was a baby alligator. Moreover, a piranha was floating in a tank nearby.

The squatters had moved in their pets along with their stolen car operation. They were powering the home with an illegal hookup and had been a menace in the neighborhood.

Those who live on this street clapped when they saw the major police presence move in and shut it down.

One neighbor, who didn't want to be identified because she worries about retaliation, said, "I looked out my window and saw this major show of Detroit police. I couldn't believe they moved so fast. It just goes to show you that the only way we can make our neighborhoods better is if we speak up and get the bad people out of here."

The home's owner lives in Florida and had no idea a chop shop had been set up on his property.

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