Are there too many parking lots in Detroit?

Debate raging online as to whether city needs more parks or more parking lots

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter

DETROIT - A debate is raging online as to whether we need more parks or more parking lots in Detroit.

In Michigan there are 14 million parking spots; 600,000 of them are in the city.

If you come to downtown Detroit, parking usually isn't a problem.

The city has plenty of surface lots and parking garages.

A map of downtown Detroit, provided by Data Driven, shows all the city's parking spots in orange and red.

A humorous Facebook page has even popped up called Michigan Needs More Parking.

The page suggests, through satire, that there are too many parking spots and not enough green space in the state.

Metro Detroiters are taking notice.

Some want to see more parking in the city.

"Parking is more important. I'll take that first before I take a park," said one resident.

Others say green is the way to go.

"Green spaces would be nice. In terms of parking it would be really neat to peruse sub-terrain parking, but we have land and space in Detroit so that's probably not going to generate support," said Wayne State faculty Lucy Hern.

The Facebook page lists no contact information. Apparently the creators of the page are hoping the message will go viral and lead to leaders thinking about what's best for Detroit and Michigan.

Meanwhile the debate rages on.

Should the city be restoring historical buildings or tearing them down to create more parking lots or more city parks?

"I think they should make more parks, you know beautify Detroit. I think it will draw in a lot of people, " said WSU student Graycen Bisinger.

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