Attempted gas heist in Detroit creates HAZMAT situation

Man tries to grab hose from fuel tanker operator at Clark station on city's east side

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

DETROIT - Another Detroit gas station has been targeted by thieves.

At about 4 a.m. Friday, Detroit police along with the HAZMAT team from the Detroit Fire Department were called to the Clark gas station at 7 Mile and Schoenherr on the city's east side after a man tried to rob the driver of fuel from a Bazco Petroleum Transport truck.

At the time of the robbery, the driver was refueling the pumps at the Clark station when the suspect grabbed the fuel hose right out of the ground. That's when hundreds of gallons of gas sprayed everywhere, creating a HAZMAT situation.

Police on the scene tell us at least 100 gallons went down into the sewers, another hundred on the ground surrounding the gas station.

DPD blocked off the intersection, keeping drivers out of this potentially dangerous area.

Local 4 has learned BPT gas company will be sending out a cleanup crew, with DFD HAZMAT assisting.

The Detroit Water Department has been notified about the fuel spill into the sewer. Once the fuel is in the water, the only thing that can be done is to dilute the water and re-route what's contaminated so it doesn't go into homes.

No arrests have been made, police think two people we involved.

Gas is being sold of $4.19 at the Clark Station, $4.29 a gallon for credit.

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