Aunt identifies toddler left at bus stop on city's east side

Mother also showed up to police station, baby in aunt's care

By Shawn Ley - Reporter


An 21-month old girl left at a Detroit bus stop has been reunited with family members.

Serenity Howell was released to her aunt early Tuesday morning.
A good Samaritan spotted Howell Monday afternoon, saying a man had left her at a bus stop in front of Perfecting Church on the city's east side.

Members of Perfecting Church, including Pastor Marvin Winans, stepped in to care for Howell before police took her to the Child Abuse Unit.

"Someone just brought her in and I thought what a wonderful thing. One, that the church is open, that he can receive help," said Winans.

Church employee Renee Compton said she gave the girl some food.

"We provided some snacks and some hugs and some play time. And then she eventually fell asleep. So, she was in my arms sleeping when the police came to get her," Compton said.

The church staff said the child was well-behaved.

Sources tell Local 4, the little girl's aunt, Rachel Howell, went to the police station Monday night after watching the news.

Howell said she had spoken with the little girl's mother.

The Detroit Police Child Abuse Unit took care of little Serenity for hours Monday, having no idea what her name was or where she came from.

Early Tuesday morning, the little girl's mother, Nicole Howard, arrived at the police station to pick up the little girl. She tells Local 4 that she asked the girl's father to watch the girl and later she saw her daughter's photo on the news and then she came to the police station.

"I want him prosecuted to the fullest," Howard said of the baby's father. She identified the father as Amare Stevens. It's unclear where Stevens is and if he indeed is the man who was seen leaving the girl at the bus stop.

Howard did not leave the police station with her daughter. Police turned the girl over to her aunt, who is now caring for the girl while police sort out the case.
No one has been arrested or charged.

Howard says her little girl is happy and police took good care of her. "All she knows is that she got a new teddy bear," Howard told Local 4.

Meantime, police say Serenity was dirty but otherwise unharmed when she was discovered all alone.

The investigation into the incident continues.

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