Bike burglar rolls around Wayne County

Homeowners on watch in Brownstown Township, Woodhaven

WOODHAVEN, Mich. - A burglar on a bike is on a roll in Woodhaven and neighboring Brownstown Township.

"We're looking for the bicycle bandit," Lyla Tanner said.

She was telling neighbors on her morning walk about the tall, white man who, she said, on three occasions has tried to get into her home on Maywood Street near Van Horn Road. She has been home each time and ready to defend her house and property.

"I don't know who he is but I told this police sergeant that if you don't get him, we will," Tanner said.

Police said so far, five homeowners in Woodhaven have reported break-ins.

The man has been seen peeking into windows on early mornings and knocking on doors all hours of the day and night. If he believes the homeowner is at work, he will kick in the door and ransack the house, taking computers, jewelry and guns.

He trashed Karen Laginess's home while she was at work on March 12th.

Laginess was getting ready for work five days later when the man kicked in her door and came rushing in.

"Five after seven in the morning, I'm walking down the hall to go into the bathroom to get ready for work and he kicked in the side door. I froze, I started to scream and he took off running," Laginess said.

Police say the same burglar likely struck on Tuesday in Brownstown Township.

He's described as white, 6 feet 2 inches tall with dark hair. He has a black and red Nike backpack and has been seen riding a black bike.

Some Woodhaven neighbors now are riding their bikes before the sun comes up, patrolling to make sure the man doesn't strike again.

Others are installing security cameras. One family has secured all of their hunting rifles, not wanting them to be stolen and wind up on the street.

"We'll get him," said a Woodhaven police officer patrolling the area today after people had gone to work.

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