Broken west Detroit fire hydrants get fixed

City fixes 3 broken fire hydrants after Local 4 Defenders report

By Hank Winchester - Reporter
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Crews were out on scene repairing a big and dangerous problem in Detroit.

On Monday, three fire hydrants had to be repaired on the west side, specifically on Clements Street. They were out of service over the weekend when firefighters had to drag hoses for several blocks to find one hydrant that worked. As you can imagine, those living in the neighborhood are concerned for their safety.

"There's nothing we can do about it. We make our complaints, just like there is a leak right here. Water standing, running right there, but nothing's running out of the hydrants," said Mike Harris, who lives in the area.

On Monday, the Local 4 Defenders got a call from leaders with the city's Water and Sewerage Department. They were concerned about the problem we exposed Sunday night, so on Monday a team was sent out to repair the hydrants.

We are happy to report all three hydrants are now in good working order.

"The right people in the right places, you know, and maybe we can get something done around here," said Harris.

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