Car slams into Detroit funeral home during visitation

Driver loses control on West Grand Boulevard, avoids another vehicle, but runs into front of James H. Cole Funeral Home

DETROIT - A visitation at a Detroit funeral home on Tuesday was interrupted by a car which slammed into the front of the building.

A woman driving on West Grand Boulevard avoided being struck by another vehicle that ran a red light. However, after avoiding the first crash, she lost control of her car, jumped the curb and ran into the front of James H. Cole Funeral Home.

The woman and children that were in the car are OK. They were wearing their seat belts at the time of the crash.

Antonio from James H. Cole Funeral Home said the two front doors sustained damage. They had replaced the doors approximately two years ago but he's just happy that there are no injuries. Insurance will cover the damaged doors and building.

Detroit police are investigating the crash.

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