Carbon monoxide from basement generator poisons Detroit family

Woman says house has no power, landlord put generator in basement

DETROIT - A woman who didn't want to be named said her family moved into a home on Detroit's east side even though it didn't have power.

She said she called DTE Energy on Friday to get it restored. When DTE crews came out they were able to restore the gas but not the electricity because the previous owner had an illegal hookup and was stealing the energy.

So the line was cut. Another crew has to go to the house to run another line from the pole to the house.

Meanwhile, the landlord did a not-so-smart move. The woman says he put a generator in the basement and kept it running.

"It was only running for a couple hours. We were about to go get a hotel," the woman said.

But before they made it out ...

"My son was going to his room to get his coat and he just fell on his way to the front door," she said.

The 9-year-old boy was over taken by carbon monoxide. He and his mother and another woman were all poisoned by the gas and rushed to St. John's Hospital.

"I didn't know what to do. He's alright now, he's alright," the mother said.

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