City Council's plan calls for deeper cuts in Detroit

City Council offers plan with deeper cuts

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Just days after Mayor Dave Bing unveiled his plan to avert a Detroit financial meltdown, city council members are working on another option.

According to one report, council's plan could even call for cuts to police and fire, eliminate funding to the Detroit Zoo, museums and recreation centers. Selling city parking structures and privatizing some services are also part of the plan.

But is it enough to avoid a state takeover, Detroit Council Woman Saunteel Jenkins yes.

"Council wants to make sure that we stand in control of our own destiny that means we have to make some tough decisions. Many won't be popular and many won't be easy, but the options are we'll make these tough decisions or someone will make them for us," said Jenkins.

The concern is Mayor Bing's plan, which calls for laying off 1,000 city workers isn't enough. Council members have said the layoff figure is probably closer to 2,300, but they still have to hammerout the details of their plan and the goal is to unveil it to the public Monday. It will then be turned over to the governor.

 "It's never been more crucial, in the history of the city. With our financial situation and the emergency manager law hanging over our heads, it's never been more crucial for us to get it right than it is right now," said Jenkins.

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