Classic watch making Detroit comeback

Shinola watches are made with pride in Detroit


A classic watch is making a comeback inside the former Argonaut Building in Detroit.

The building was once used to make cars and truck, now the fifth floor is home to a company that is creating a new Detroit classic.

Piece by piece and all by hand, workers at Shinola build the inner workings of a watch.

Shinola is not only American made, but is made with pride in Detroit.

"If you're a Detroiter, you absolutely want to wear a watch that says built in Detroit right on the case back," said Jacques Panis director of partnerships at Shinola.

High-end watches haven't been produced in the U.S. let alone Michigan, for decades. That's why Panis and his team set their sights on Detroit.

"There are guys making jewelry here, there are guys making cars here obviously, and when you look to manufacturing things in this country, there is no better place then Detroit," said Panis.

Shinola is an old brand reinvented, they started by selling shoe shine in the World War II era, and today the quality still speaks for its self.

"There is not a watch you can get today, at a scale that we are producing them at that is made in America," said Panis.

Shinola released a limited edition watch online for their launch and only 2,500 watches will be produced.

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