Community in Detroit fighting back against crime

Neighborhood near Near 6 Mile, Woodward pools money for security patrols

DETROIT - Near 6 Mile and Woodward in Detroit is a neighborhood showing signs of revitalization. But in the past couple month's crime has been on the rise. 

Linda Kelly says it's gotten so bad; she doesn't leave her house after dark. 

"It's not safe to be outside by yourself," Kelly said.

Jason Fligger has lived here for 15 years. Some of the problems he's dealing with, "Prostitution, and drug activity and now more recently a number of break-ins," he said.

Now this community is fighting back.

When they can afford it, neighbors pool their money together and hire security to patrol their street at night. If they don't have cash for that, they take turns patrolling the streets themselves, oftentimes until the sun comes up.

"We take turns, we have schedules and we try to stay up in couple hour blocks, take turns and watch as much as we can," said Fligger.

They're taking matters into their own hands, to drive out crime.

"We really want to stay here and be part of rebuilding the city and the Woodward corridor," said Fligger. With increased patrols residents say they have seen positive changes.  They hope other communities dealing with similar struggles follow their lead.

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