Court records may explain why slain Detroit girl was still with mom

8-year-old Tameria Greene found stabbed to death at Detroit home, mother faces murder charge


Local 4 has obtained court documents which could explain why 8-year-old Tameria Greene was not removed from her mother's custody before her stabbing death on Sunday.

Tameria's mother, Semeria Greene, is charged with her daughter's murder.

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The documents show the family had met in court on Nov. 23 after allegations of abuse at the home. Child Protective Services was supposed to make its case to the court and lay out details of the alleged abuse.

CPS had felt Tameria and her siblings had been abused by their mother. They were supposed to make a case for the children to be removed from the home.

However, according to the documents, a different CPS worker was assigned to the case and was unfamiliar with it and the family's back story. The worker showed up to court unprepared to make any case for removing the children. At one point the original CPS worker on the case was called into court.

The judge said the following:

"So, the only information that you have is this paperwork in front of you? And why is that? There is no explanation as to why the department believes there is an emergency today versus an emergency yesterday as far as removal is concerned. And I know you indicated that all you were doing was handed some paperwork and told to come to court."

The judge also said the CPS worker could wait 24 hours and apply for an emergency removal of the children from the home.

Semeria Greene was arraigned Thursday on felony murder and child abuse charges. She pleaded not guilty.

She also was arraigned on two charges from a unrelated incident that happened last June. She pleaded not guilty to malicious destruction of property and disorderly person.

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