Derrick Miller tells jury he gave Kwame Kilpatrick $10,000 payoff in restaurant bathroom

Miller says he gave envelope full of money to ex-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

DETROIT - Today Derrick Miller told the jury a $10,000 payoff happened in the bathroom of a Detroit restaurant.

Derick Miller saying he delivered an envelope full of hundreds to Kilpatrick while he was still the mayor of Detroit

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Kwame Kilpatrick left the courthouse as usual, with all smiles.

Inside he looked shocked as his former friend told the jury he gave Kilpatrick bribe money in the bathroom of an Asian Village restaurant.

Miller who was a top aide says the mayor told him to get him some money from the Asian Village guys.

Andrew Park was building Asian Village and was trying to get a pension fund loan.

This afternoon the defense got their first shot to attack Miller's credibility.

The defense team told the jury Miller's stories don't add up

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Andrew Park plead guilty to tax evasion charges. In court he said he paid Miller cash bribes.

Calling it the worst decision of his life, Park says he never gave money directly to Kilpatrick.

Will the jury believe Miller passed the money along to the mayor or will they believe the defense?

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