Details emerge about Detroit police chief's trip to San Diego

Sources say Department of Justice paid for Chief Ralph Godbee's airfare, 1-night at hotel, but not for woman's airfare


Local 4 is learning more about Detroit Police Ralph Godbee's trip to San Diego.

Sources confirm a woman, Merica Patterson, did travel with Godbee to the Police Chiefs Conference. City officials tell Local 4 Patterson's airfare was paid for by Godbee himself.

Due to Godbee's speaking at the conference the Department of Justice paid for his airfare and one-night hotel accommodations. Detroit Police Department forfeiture funds paid for the remainder of the chief's hotel charges.

Mayor Dave Bing's office said there were no general funds used for Godbee's or Patterson's travel. Local 4 also is told there was no Detroit police officer sent to escort Patterson as previously believed.

"It's like you can trust nobody in Detroit. None of the public officials," said Corneilius Dupree, of Detroit.

Detroit police officer Angelica Robinson is the whistleblower. She said she was in a relationship with Godbee for more than a year. When she found out about his trip to California with another woman, she became upset and posted a picture on Twitter of herself holding a gun in her mouth. Did Godbee use Detroit police officer's to find Robinson after the photo was posted?

The city released this statement:

"Robinson had made a verbal threat to harm herself over the phone which members of the DPD perceived as a possible suicide attempt. A decision was made to have our Headquarters Surveillance Unit locate the officer and conduct a wellbeing check of the officer."

The chief's fellow officer are standing behind him.

"It's a negative blow to the entire Police Department. You know, at the end of the day he's only human," said Joshua McCalbb, of Detroit. "Not saying I'm excusing him from what happened. I want to tell the chief God bless. God forgives all."

The mayor's office also said when officer Robinson posted the picture of her holding a gun to Twitter, DPD officers were sent to Farmington Hills to do a well-being check, which is standard protocol.

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