Detroit apartment tenants left fighting to keep warm while entire building is without heat

Residents at Fullerton Manor Apartments say they have not had heat since October

By Will Jones - Reporter

DETROIT - Residents at a Detroit apartment building say they pay their rent and all utility bills but when they turn on the thermostat inside their units, nothing happens.

It's getting cold and colder and residents at Fullerton Manor Apartments know that as well as anyone.

"I got my oven on. I have my hot water on. I haven't had any heat since October," said resident Iona Cobb.

Cobb said the lack of heat isn't helping her husband whose health lately has been in decline.

"My husband has heart trouble, pneumonia. He has two, three sweaters on," she said.

Cobb said it's not just her -- the whole building is dealing with the cold.

"Very very hard," she said. "We have to put our coats and things on."

Now that the temperature outside has dropped, Cobb says she had enough of getting the cold shoulder from the building's management.

Fullerton Manor Apartments are on Fullerton Street south of Davison Street on the city's west side.

"They say they are going to fix it but I don't know when," she said.

Her family wants to move into a warmer place but they don't have the money. Meanwhile, she is thinking about buying a space heater but worries it could be dangerous.

"I haven't bought a heater because I am scared ... I gotta make sure I get the right heater because sometimes you have accidents and stuff with heaters, you know," Cobb said. "So I am planning on getting a heater for the back room."

Local 4 tried repeatedly, as residents have, to get in touch with the management company. So far, no luck.

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