Detroit apartment tenants without heat, told to move out

Residents at Villa Fontana Apartments on Greenfield Road in Detroit told to move out while without heat

DETROIT - Tenants in a Detroit apartment building say they have been living without heat for several months.

Stephen Bass sais he is doing what he can to keep warm inside the Villa Fontana Apartments on Greenfield Road.

"I have dialysis and the problem I have, is my finger tips get cold," said Bass in a previous interview with Local 4..

Tenants blame the landlord.

"The whole heat problem is just ridiculous," said Johnie Dixon who is living in the apartment without heat.

Dixon says she pays her rent on time every month.

Now the city of Detroit is telling resident they have to move out.

Residents got a visit early this week from the fire marshal.

The building has been deemed unsafe and now residents must find a new home.

~Johnie Dixon is living in apartment without heat.~

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