Detroit boy hit by shrapnel when bullet explodes on stove

9-year-old boy hit by bullet shrapnel at home on Rochelle Avenue near Hayes Street on city's east side

DETROIT - Detroit police say a 9-year-old boy was accidentally struck by a bullet casing Friday at a home on Rochelle Avenue near Hayes Street.

Police tell Local 4 that there was an old bullet placed on a stove inside the home. The bullet was heated and the child was struck when it exploded.

The boy was home with his 14-year-old sister when he found the bullet under a couch and put it on the hot stove. Since the bullet was old, it exploded.

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The metal shell casings went flying, grazing the boy's neck. Some of the shrapnel from the bullet was lodged in the boy's chest area and throat.

He was taken to St. John's Hospital and is expected to be OK.

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