Detroit building inspectors expected to be charged Thursday

8 Detroit 'BSEED' employees expected to be charged for allegedly shaking down people seeking permits

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - The technical name is BSEED -- the Building Safety Engineering and Environmental Department.

It's one of the city's largest departments and a lot of money flows in and out of it with the permitting process.

On July 2, the FBI, armed with a warrant and sealed affidavit, walked into the department and started carting away computers, records, keys and other data as part of a joint federal and state task force.

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On Wednesday night, top sources confirmed with Local 4 that eight BSEED employees are going to be charged on Thursday by Attorney General Bill Schuette's public corruption task force.

The allegations all surround shaking down people requiring BSEED permitting approvals.

Schuette will speak at a news conference Thursday morning. will livestream the news conference.

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