Detroit Chief Operating Officer Chris Brown resigns

Detroit COO Chris Brown leaves hole in Mayor Dave Bing's administration

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - Detroit's Chief Operating Officer Chris Brown was the man by Mayor Dave Bing's side through crisis after crisis.

He was out in the streets when the city's lighting system failed and he sat at the table with the state of Michigan when the deal was going down to save the city from running out of cash.

Brown resigned Friday from his position as Detroit's COO. Local 4 is told he has taken a job out of state. It's a big loss for an administration which has had a hard time keeping talent in place.

Brown always made it clear he was loyal to Bing. He never dodged or gave distorted answers to questions about Detroit's code-red financial crisis.

Why he has decided to leave is unclear. Local 4's call to him Friday night went straight to voicemail.

When Mayor Bing fell ill earlier this year, it was Brown who stepped in to deal with the budget crisis.

Jack Martin, the city's CFO, and Chief of Staff Kirk Lewis will have more on their own plates without Brown on the team.

-- Mayor Dave Bing and COO Chris Brown

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