Detroit City Council adjourns budget vote until Wednesday

City Council adjourned until Wednesday; Council to vote on budget amendment in Detroit

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DETROIT - Detroit City Council met Tuesday morning to discuss the financial crisis in the city.

Prior to the start of the meeting, citizens were able to voice concerns and comments.

One after another residents voiced frustration and anger over the lack of action with council and Mayor Bing.

The special council session comes after the mayor called an emergency meeting last week that was deemed illegal due to the short notice to the public.

Detroit is still facing a shortfall and could run out of money by the end of the month if they don't reach benchmarks in place by the state.

The frustration felt by many in the city boiled over to State Representative John Olumba, who started a petition to recall Bing from office.

Olumba has been questioning the mayor's decision-making for the past several months.

Council was adjourned until Wednesday at 11 a.m. when members will vote on the budget amendment.

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