Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh gets in Twitter fight

Automotive News intern, Detroit City Council president exchange tweets about president's workout video

DETROIT - Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh got into an argument through social networks this past weekend.

Pugh was criticized over the weekend by The Detroit News columnist Laura Berman for his weight loss video which he released this past Friday while the city's leaders were deciding Corporation Counsel Krystal Crittendon's future.

Berman skewered Pugh for showing off his washboard abs, calling them "absurd" given the city's troubles.

Michigan State University student and Automotive News intern Josh Sidorowicz agreed and tweeted, "Wow, love this little piece.

Too bad @Charles_Pugh has been such a disappointment for the city of Detroit so far."

The City Council president couldn't resist, firing back with, "Yep, a huge disappointment. Just a downright lose LOL."

Sidorowicz didn't appreciate Pugh's jab, and returned with, "Well now you've just put words in my mouth. I didn't say that at all. It was more or less a question of priorities, that's all."

Pugh shot back with, "My priorities are appropriate. If Laura reported on what they actually are & not my abs, maybe u'd be more informed."

The war was on.

Sidorowicz: Some would disagree your celebrity status & personal agenda has taken priority over helping the city. Laura seemed accurate.

There was more back and forth ending with Pugh getting nasty.

"Josh, do you think the folks at Automotive News would be interested in your inaccurate, offensive commentary? Just curious?" Pugh tweeted.

In fact, Pugh did just that. He tweeted the following at Automotive News' account:

"I'd appreciate a word to your intern Josh Sidorowicz about his offensive posts to my page. It doesn't represent you well."

Local 4 tried to reach Pugh for comment several times. He did not return our requests.

Automotive News would not make Sidorowicz available. However, Local 4 has confirmed he did not lose his internship as a result of the City Council president's concerns.

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