Detroit City Council to view financial stability agreement

Detroit City Council to review state review team's financial stability agreement

DETROIT - With time running out, the Detroit City Council will get its first look at a financial stability agreement with the state of Michigan on Thursday.

The City Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

The financial stability agreement is a new plan with a new approach to helping lift the city from financial collapse and avoid the appointment of an emergency manager.

"Let the city run the city, but wouldn't it be great to say have the state join us?" said Gov. Rick Snyder.

In a town hall meeting Wednesday in Detroit, Snyder addressed the urgency of nailing down a plan immediately.

The gathering was civil compared to Monday when protestors blasted the Financial Review Team at a public meeting.

"Our whole interest is making Detroit a great city again," Snyder said on Wednesday. "Learn the lessons from the past, but to say let's move forward, let's move forward. Let's not talk about things too long. We all know a bunch of things we need to do. Let's just figure out how we could do it together."

The pressure is on and the governor's April 5 decision deadline is looming. City and state officials have spent days crafting this new plan.

One City Council member said once it lands on the table, the plan will be dissected and possibly revised. A vote is expected soon, but Local 4 is told that likely won't come Thursday.

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