Detroit ex-mayor wants 15-year cap on sentence

Prosecutors want 28-year prison sentence, Kilpatrick asking for half that

DETROIT - Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is asking a judge for a prison sentence of no more than 15 years, about half the punishment sought by prosecutors in his corruption case.

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Kilpatrick's lawyer filed a sentencing memo Friday, a day after the U.S. Attorney's Office recommended at least 28 years in prison. Kilpatrick returns to court on Oct. 10.


Margaret Raben is objecting to how Kilpatrick's sentencing guidelines have been scored by court officials. She says the former mayor is being hit with too many enhancements that raise the guidelines.    

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In March, Kilpatrick was convicted of racketeering conspiracy, fraud and tax offenses. The government says he took bribes from Detroit contractors and ensured that pal Bobby Ferguson got millions in city work. He quit office in 2008. 

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