Detroit firefighters cook-up Christmas dinner for family who lost everything in fire

Firefighters keep 17-year Christmas tradition alive by helping family in need


Imagine losing everything you own in a fire right before Christmas. 

That's exactly what happen to one Detroit family, but thanks to a Detroit firehouse tradition the family is still having a nice Christmas.

Perhaps what firefighters are know best for, besides fighting fires of course, is cooking.

They know their way around the kitchen.

So each year on Christmas firefighters make a mouth watering feast at the firehouse on Dexter Avenue in Detroit.

They invite a family who has lost their home in a fire just before Christmas to join them around their table.

"It is basically the firefighters coming together, doing something good for the community," said Dennis Hunter. "And, with us being firemen we know the devastation of house fires. People can lose everything they own. So if we can bring a little bit of cheer, hope for that family and make the kids smile that's all we try to do."

It's been a tradition at this firehouse for 17 years and the firefighters use their own money to fund the meal.

Not only do they cook for the family, they also give them clothes and toys.

This year the Feagin family is the special guest of honor, eating alongside Mayor Bing.

"I have temporary housing right now. It is not permanent and we are just going to take it day by day and God has been really good to is. This is a good Christmas because he allowed us to see another one," said Tamera Feagin who lost her home in a recent fire.

So many people lose their homes to fires each year in Detroit. There about 40 fires on average each day in the city.

That's the main reason why firefighters say they do this Christmas party each year.

"Most of us have kids. We know how it is and the main thing about the event is love, showing some Christmas spirit," said Hunter.

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