Detroit judge speaks out about convicted killer's outburst in her courtroom

Judge Vonda Evans speaks out about heated words with D'Andre Lane, who was sentenced to life in prison for daughter's murder

DETROIT - Two-year-old Bianca Jones has never been found.

However, her father, D'Andre Lane, has been convicted of murdering his young daughter. He was sentenced to life in prison this week.

The crime has left a lasting impact on the judge who sent Lane away for life after his emotional outburst in court.

Judge Vonda Evans' exchange with Lane is not often seen in the courtroom. He talked back and interrupted her several times, and even addressed her by her first name as he was being hauled off to prison, calling the judge a liar.

Watch: UNCUT: D'Andre Lane sentenced to life in prison

"Excuse me. Don't address me as Vonda. Take him out of here. Take him out!," said the 36th District Court judge as Lane continued to yell.

Now that the dust has settled, Evans is opening up about the courtroom drama.

"Well, I've been a judge for 16 years and I certainly can say that was the first case impression that I've ever had like that before," she said.

It was a shock, but Evans refused to tolerate Lane's actions of disrespect.

"As a public servant I have the responsibility of upholding the decorum in my courtroom, and that's exactly what I did," she said.

Now, the case is closed.

"The judges of facts have spoken, and that is the jury. And they listened and they considered everything and they made a decision. And as the judge presiding over the case I had to respect that decision," Evans said.

Lane, who also is convicted of child abuse, is expected to appeal. Although a lot of the talk around the case has been about the courtroom drama, Evans says the experience has reminded her that life is precious and, for parents, there is nothing more important than spending time with their children.

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