Detroit mails thousands of past due parking ticket notices by mistake

Ruth to the rescue received emails and phone calls from people who received an unpaid ticket notice

DETROIT - The city of Detroit is admitting to a parking ticket mistake that affects thousands of people.

Ruth to the Rescue received emails and phone calls from people all over Detroit who were mailed notices from the city about unpaid tickets from years ago.

"I was flabbergasted," said Randy Hermatz, who received a notice, adding that this was the first time he heard about the ticket.
"I think its, basically, state sponsored extortion," said Hermatz, who also said he felt like he was being scammed.

Director of Municipal Parking, Dr. Shawny DeBerry, disagreed.

"I'm not sure if it was a glitch, they're searching it now to see exactly what happened, but it was an error," said DeBerry.

Anyone who received a notice from six years ago or longer is likely in that group.

DeBerry said during an audit of the data base 19,000notices were sent out in error.
"We apologize for any anxiety and inconvenience that this error may have caused" said DeBerry.

If you have already paid any money to the city from an accidental notice contact the city for a refund.

The city said they are sending notices to every one involved.

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