Detroit Mayor Bing announces public safety initiative in the city

Mayor: 13 police mini-stations to open throughout Detroit


Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says 13 police mini-stations will open throughout the city by the end of the winter.

The mayor made the announcement Wednesday, stressing the importance of bringing departments and communities together.

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"This initiative will increase our police presence within our communities and strengthen basic public safety services for our residents," Mayor Bing said. "The primary goal is to bring our police department and communities closer together to fight crime and improve the quality of life throughout the city. Restructuring our public safety departments is a major part of my administration's efforts to Transform Detroit."

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The mini-stations will be situated in recreation centers, shopping centers and other sites.

Six were open on Wednesday, two are to debut by the end of the month and the remaining five will be in place by March.

Open mini-station locations:

  • Belmont Shopping Center

    20500 Conant Street., in the 11th police precinct

  • Butzel Family Center

    7737 Kercheval Street, in the 7th police precinct

  • Riverbend Plaza

    13206 Jefferson Ave., in the 5th police precinct

  • Mack & Alter

    14700 Mack Ave., in the 9th police precinct

  • Virginia Park Community

    8671 Rosa Parks Blvd., in the 10th police precinct

  • Bel-Air shopping center

    95540 E. 8 Mile Road, in the 11th police precinct

Each mini-station will be open Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Each location will be staffed with a permanent officer, a police reservist and a community volunteer.

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Additional stations:

  • Northwest Activities Center

    18100 Meyers Road, in the 12th police precinct

  • Rosa Parks Transit Center

    1310 Cass Ave., in the 1st police precinct

  • Garden View Homes

    8571 Grandmont

  • Adams/Butzel Recreation Center

    10500 Lyndon Street

  • Patton Recreation Center

    2301 Woodmere

  • Crowell Recreation Center

    16630 Lahser

  • Lasky Recreation Center

    13200 Fenelon

The announcement came on the day police confirmed the shooting deaths of four people in an east-side home and a week after the city acknowledged that the number of homicides this year already has eclipsed the 2011 total.

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