Detroit mayor, City Council meet Friday over city attorney's future

Mayor Dave Bing wants to fire Krystal Crittendon; mayor needs Detroit City Council's support

DETROIT - The city of Detroit's financial crisis will meet its next milepost on Friday.

Mayor Dave Bing has scheduled a special meeting with the City Council to discuss the fate of the city's Corporation Counsel, Krystal Crittendon.

"I'm not trying to fire Krystal. I Don't want her in the position, I think she made a horrendous mistake and put the city in terrible position," said Mayor Bing to Local-4 on Friday.

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Crittendon filed a lawsuit to block Detroit's consent agreement with the state of Michigan. The suit was filed over the objection of Bing. A judge later dismissed the suit.

The mayor asked Crittendon to resign and she refused.

Bing needs six Council votes to get Crittendon removed from her position. However, those votes are not guaranteed as Council members have not shown support for Bing's push to fire the city's top attorney.
Watch: Crittendon says she doesn't regret suit will livestream the meeting at 2 p.m. Friday.

City Council not showing support for Bing

Detroit City Council members praised Crittendon's courage and now are calling the mayor's move to remove her rogue. That's after Bing labeled Crittendon's lawsuit action a rogue maneuver.

"I think it's bull****," said City Council President Charles Pugh. "I do. I think that this is unfortunate. The Corporation Counsel was doing her job."

-- Krystal Crittendon said she does not regret filing a lawsuit with the state of Michigan which was later dismissed by a judge.

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