Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says his is among toughest mayoral jobs in country

CNN interview with Mayor Bing surfaces as Detroit faces edge of bankruptcy

DETROIT - Detroit Mayor Dave Bing went one-on-one with CNN about two months ago, telling him he has one of the toughest jobs in the country.

The mayor was very candid with how he feels about leading a city suffering a severe financial crisis. His administration posted the interview on the Internet on Thursday.

"It's probably the second-most difficult job in this country behind the President," Bing said.

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Local 4 caught up with the mayor at a downtown Detroit event and asked him to elaborate on what he told CNN.

"I think it's a tough job. The President has the toughest job in the country, but as far as mayors go I think I have one of the toughest jobs," Bing said.

The release of the CNN video comes as the city teeters on the edge of bankruptcy and on the same day Moody's downgraded Detroit's bond status again.

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"We're not surprised by that," the mayor said. "We're as low as we can be. We've got to make sure we understand that we need the state. There are some people who think we don't need the state on that side of the question at all."

On Detroit's future, Bing talked about taking a step back to move forward. Much of it begins with reform, which is not coming easy.

"We just need to stop having all this infighting here in the city, at the state level," Bing said. "Because in the end we still have to fix a broken city, and that's what I'm going to focus on."

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